Erin Pierce

Content Writer/Freelance Journalist
Cincinnati, OH
As a recent graduate of Northern Kentucky University and now pursuing outside opportunities with continued online writing, blogging, and digital endeavors, I find that writing is becoming more of a digitalized art. However, one must keep in mind the historical context that comes with writing, editing, and publishing. Maintain the roots behind it while using innovative styles provided by the digital age.


Erin Pierce

Cross country runner
Track runner
Social Media
Copy Editing

NKU College of Informatics graduate with a deep passion for writing, composition, and editing. I am looking for career opportunities in (but not limited to) these fields, as well as electronic media and broadcasting (as I have video editing and online media experience as well).

Most recently, I was hired on with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra as a Communications/Multimedia Assistant. This included maintenance of the website, social media accounts, press releases, video/photo edits, and more.

Currently, I am a content writer for a variety of websites/organizations including Unwritten, Elite Daily, the Huffington Post, Mogul, and (most recently added) Miss Amazing Inc. (as head content writer and developer). While most of my work leans towards opinion, lifestyle, news, and entertainment, trending news topics are a frequent must in the writing business as I have discovered.

I was recently hired on as a Content Writer for Twist on PR, focusing in on the growing music industry and honing in on up and coming artists as well.

I have had experience working in the Promotions and Marketing Department for ClearChannel Communications Inc. (now iHeart Media Inc.) located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Previously, I was a writer for Uloop News, bringing the latest trends in college and recent graduate news to those tuning in.

With background experience as a publicist, writer, publisher, editor, digital media specialist, and PR assistant, I am actively pursuing a career in Communications, Public Relations, and/or Journalism. I have had experience writing for The Northerner, NKU's Student Independent Newspaper, composing articles and lifestyle pieces ranging from hard news topics to sports and fine arts as well.

With a minor in Electronic Media/Broadcasting, as well as experience in Communication and PR, I hope to take my writing and business interactions to a new level, involving social media outlets, online articles, video feeds, and more.

I'm actively searching for positions in the Communications field, ranging from Public Relations and Journalism roles to writing and editing employment positions. As I pursue further writing and employment opportunities, I will continue writing and seeking out further roles as a content developer in order to build/strengthen my portfolio and resume.